The Sword Coast Concord


The Sword Coast Concord is the alliance of seven adventurers from across the continent, united indisparate and peculiar camaraderie, and the pursuit of glory. The current members of the Concord are:

  • Olog, the Manflayer, a half-Orc, half-Tiefling barbarian ex-slave, escaped from the human-run Orc fighting rings in the west.
  • Galæron Ithriléndil, a high elf rogue and disgraced nobleman from the far-off elvish haven Elyrius Âiquan.
  • Elros Ara, a half-elf warlock with a marked propensity towards charlatanism — the most charismatic of the party to a fault: he is unable to resist a pretty face.
  • Gideon, a talented halfling rogue, scorned by humans after being orphaned at a young age.
  • Mairo Malrah, the antipathetic and detached Tiefling cleric — one of the later additions to the party,
  • Zoric Rhogar, a noble-born Dragonborn hero — who fights only to bring peace to the country.


The alliance began a number of years ago with the partnership of Olog and Ithriléndil the elf. The two have traveled together for a very long time, and no one seems to know the whole story of how they found each other’s company — it likely involved Olog enlisting the elf’s help for a particularly vexing vendetta mission of his. Since then, they’ve shared a special, incorruptible bond in combat, and elsewhere.

A few years after their alignment, the two encountered

The Sword Coast Concord

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