Mairo Malrah

[F 25] Tiefling Cleric, first time here's my butthole


STR 16
DEX 14
CON 15
INT 13
WIS 13
CHA 19

AC 15

Mace 1d6
Light Crossbow 1d8


Abandoned at birth to the care of an elven community. She spent her entire youth feeling alienated which led to her nihilistic approach to dealing with people. She saw her home merely as a place where she could be fed and housed and left as soon as she was old enough to depart from the community. She finds elves trite but not unpleasant and as such they are the closest to a “bond” that she carries.

Antisocial Psychopath by medical definition. Capable of emulating true emotion quite convincingly due to her CHA. Her only pursuit is that of working for Ralishaz the god of ill luck and insanity to whom she pays tribute. In exchange for the souls of her enemies he rewards her not with good luck but with the absence of bad luck. Due to her mental instability, she sometimes will lose herself to the terrible red mist of war and must be drug flailing from the battlefield. Retreat is never an option.

A master of seduction and chicanery, when visiting different towns or villages during her travels, she makes her money by selling candles, chalk, and soap… all with purported magical benefits (none of which are true). Quite the saleswoman she makes use of Thaumaturgy and her high charisma to woo and frighten people into purchasing her wares through her theatrics.

She joins your group out of a desire to travel place to place stirring up trouble, slaying foes, and making money. Rarely welcomed to the same place twice. Trustworthy once she sees no benefit in lying to you, make clear you are no fools and she will be a valuable partner. More of her nature will become evident over time but as of your party’s first encounter, you believe her to be a benign saleswoman seeking adventure and safety in numbers despite a sliver of her sinister nature visible in her red tiefling eyes. A “sense aura” or other sort of discerning skill will tell you more of her. Upon being found out, the charade of her sweetness will end and you will be able operate together under a mutual understanding.

Loosely affiliated with The Zhentarim, though she primarily works as an independent contractor.

Mairo Malrah

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